Top 5 Things

Top 5 Things I Miss About Korea Public Transportation If you don’t know about Korea’s transportation system by now, you should. It’s everywhere. As much as I’ve come to enjoy a good run… Continue reading

Return to the RoK

Where March and April felt unbelievably slow, I’m going to say May will go by rather quickly. My preparation to return to Korea is nearly complete. I am currently awaiting my renewed passport… Continue reading

Let Me Explore The World

April has been a month of tremendous personal growth of the mental and emotional variety. I’ve been struggling to re-assess my self, my place in the world around me, and what I want… Continue reading

San Diego Weekend

Last weekend, my parents and I hopped on a plane to San Diego for a wedding. Aside from waking up at a hideous hour, Saturday went pretty well. Since the wedding started at… Continue reading

Reflecting on Korea

Almost a month has gone by since I returned from Korea. I can’t say the transition from being fully employed and self-sufficient to the complete opposite has been easy. The reverse culture shock… Continue reading

SLP IP Graduation 2013

February 27th marked my last day as a teacher at Suji SLP. The IP graduation was set to take up the entire morning with two plays, presentation of the certificates, and finally the… Continue reading

The Crazy in February: Flying to the Philippines

To understand why I journeyed to the Philippines, I have to tell you about the very special friendship I have with Noelle Grace Pico. We ran across each other online several years ago,… Continue reading

Accomplishing 2012

As I struggle to remember I need to write 2013 on the white boards and in letters, I want to take a moment to appreciate everything I’ve accomplished in 2012. I have grown… Continue reading

Plane Ride Tips and Tricks

With all the traveling I’ve been doing recently and the hours spent sitting on my rear waiting to go or be somewhere, I found it’s finally become necessary to share some things about… Continue reading

An SLP Christmas – 2012

—- With over a month decorating, singing carols, and preparing the kids for Santa’s arrival, it was finally time to celebrate. One of my first memories at SLP was when I taught last… Continue reading