November is the Thursday of the Year

October seemed to sneak by without a blog post, but there has been plenty at work to keep me busy. Several plans happened to fall through, so I didn’t make it out to… Continue reading

Color Me Crazy

Oh September, you’ve been sweet. I said goodbye to another couple of friends at the beginning of the month, made a visit to the doctor for my first cold of the new season,… Continue reading

Weekends in the Great Wide Somewhere

My weekends have been full to bursting and my weeks have tumbled into the chaos of a new semester. But aside from catching a slight cold and feeling just a bit ragged, I… Continue reading

Bukhansan and 8 Peaks Later

Want to get away from the city, but not willing to drive hours and hours just to get in touch with nature? Come to Seoul! We have plenty of mountains reachable by subway… Continue reading

Summer Vacation and Korean Hospitality

This week I’m on my summer break, along with the rest of the foreign teaching populace of Korea. And while the majority of my friends are off enjoying tropical paradise, I’m making my… Continue reading

재키 Learns A Few Things

Another couple of weeks go by and it’s hard to believe I’ve been back in Korea for a month. It honestly feels like I’ve been here longer since my weeks are so packed… Continue reading

Welcome Home

When I stepped off that flight from Shanghai, as bedraggled as I’m sure I looked, seeing the familiar avenues of Incheon airport was like finally being able to take a deep breath. I… Continue reading

Weekend Adventurer

Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time. – Steven Wright I remember waking up early on Saturday mornings and packing bags with the softest brötchen from the bakery around the… Continue reading

Stimulate Your Childish Enthusiasm

One day I would like to own a home in a foreign country. I would like to spend my weeks at a university teaching Arthurian myth and Celtic folklore to students who can’t… Continue reading

My Kind of Crazy

The moment you fly into one of the Texas airports and take a whiff of that fresh air, you know you can smell cowboys. You can smell the dirt that must have been… Continue reading