Next Stop: NYC

I had never been to New York City before this year. Everyone always thinks that’s crazy given how many other places I’ve visited, but it’s completely true. I had this strange aversion to… Continue reading

Colorado and the Idea of Thriving

I never expected to be absent for a year and a half, but life has a way of throwing the unexpected in your face every now and then. Not everyone knows the backstory,… Continue reading

Finding the Heart in Kampuchea

I couldn’t tell you exactly what it was about Angkor Wat that entranced me so many years ago. Perhaps it was the unique architecture or the stark contrast of orange-robed monks against the… Continue reading

800 Days in Korea

800 Days. 2.2 Years. I’ve documented the entire journey here, from 2011 to 2014. I am a completely different person and so incredibly changed by my life in Korea that it seems somehow… Continue reading


You’ve heard everyone rave about Busan, absolutely everyone. You don’t care one way or the other, not yet. You know it’s in the south of Korea, is a beach city, and that one… Continue reading


Gyeongju: an ancient capital, a museum without walls, a national treasure of mountains and valleys and faith. You don’t exactly know what is so special about Gyeongju when you step off the bus… Continue reading

Figuring out Motivation

The first month of the new school year has come and gone, and so have my little Owls. They are now first graders, but unfortunately I do not have the pleasure of teaching… Continue reading

Seollal 2014: Year of the Horse

As it is officially the new year in Asia, I would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous one. I’m not one for making resolutions, especially the kind that involve promising to… Continue reading

Holidays in Thailand

I guess you could say a lot has happened over the last several months. To be completely honest, I’m not a big fan of winter. Sure, snow’s great for the first couple of… Continue reading

Proud to be an Army Brat

I have soldiers for parents. I have soldiers for cousins, uncles, grandparents, and friends. I come from a line of soldiers who fought in the Civil War, both sides of WWI and WWII,… Continue reading