It’s Not All About The Excitement

Lately, I have been on a roll with everything that moving entails. I have made several phone calls today to take care of miscellaneous accounts, and tomorrow I will be getting my oil… Continue reading


Yesterday, I turned over the keys to the apartment I’ve had for the last year. Over the course of the last few months I have bonded with the place more than I thought… Continue reading

Seeing the Changes

Just the Bed, the Books, and the Bookshelves

I woke up pretty early this morning, which for me, means before 10:00 am. What was on my to do list? Shove the mess of small things into the remaining bins and make… Continue reading

Packing List: Becoming Mary Poppins

I thought it was about time I actually debuted what’s going to be packed into my 3 suitcases. Because I’m not just going to be traveling, but living in Korea during all four… Continue reading

All That Little Stuff

As I sit here eating a bowl of cereal in an effort to put my feet up before actually preparing my dinner, I’m hit with a sense of something that smacks of realization.… Continue reading

Worth The Extra Miles

This trip to Kansas was primarily based around my friend’s wedding. We had bonded over the year-long MAT program at Trinity and I wanted to be there to support her as she set… Continue reading

Driving on the Open Road

I set out from San Antonio with a full tank of gas and a Whataburger meal by my side, the radio blaring some top 40 tunes. I had somehow managed to leave half… Continue reading

I Don’t Have Red Shoes

It’s been ages since I’ve seen The Wizard of Oz and I remember having mixed feelings about it when I was growing up. One year, I was Dorothy for Halloween. I had sparkly… Continue reading