Hello There Culture Shock, Long Time No See

Yeah, I remember you. You’re one of my least favorite things about life. Whenever you swing by every few years or so, I seem to cultivate this doorstep fear and am secretly terrified… Continue reading

First Week at Suji SLP

Here are some of the basics concerning my first week at Suji SLP. —- I haven’t decided if I’ll be vlogging every week or every other week; I’ll have to see how things… Continue reading

Kamsahamnida – “Thank You”

I was going to wait to post about my first week tomorrow, but I think now is as good a time as any. Today and Wednesday were really good days. Every morning, I… Continue reading

Struggling for Balance

The last couple of days, I’ve been struggling to find a balance between a variety of expectations I’ve encountered here. I have expectations of myself concerning what I want to accomplish personally and… Continue reading

Pho Sho

Because mothers are usually right and tend to worry, I went to the doctor this afternoon. Jess was my moral support once again, (she has earned the HERO title for putting up with… Continue reading

Bringing Sickly Back Again

I haven’t vlogged in a while, and I figured I should let you in on what’s been going on in the last week. What better way to hear about it than straight from… Continue reading

My First Week in Korea! *cough cough*

Tomorrow marks the completion of my first week in Korea. I bet you’re waiting to hear all about my adventures in Seoul touring museums or going to temples and what not. Think again.… Continue reading

It’s About the Food…

Not many of the teachers here eat breakfast before they go to work. I’m pretty big on the first meal of the day if I know I’m going to be busy for most… Continue reading


I apologize for the lack of communication since my departure, but all is well. My flight from San Francisco was comfortable with plenty of leg room, exceptional service and in-flight slippers thanks to… Continue reading

It’s Not Bravery If It’s In Your Blood

Guy had me watch a list of 80’s movies while I was visiting him over the 2011 New Year’s. On the list was Highlander, a story about this Scotsman who just couldn’t be… Continue reading