A Novel Reflection: You Are A Badass

I have been hesitant to write this review with all the things that have been going on over the last week. The safest thing to say is that I have mixed feelings about this book, or perhaps they’re mixed feelings about the author. In either case, I’m not quite sure.

I find with most non-fiction, the beginning is engaging, the middle is forgettable, and the ending is just telling me what I already know or have gathered from previous chapters. If you asked me about the middle third of this book, I honestly would not be able to tell you anything about it. And honestly, I feel the majority of this book is forgettable. The one thing I can’t forget is Sincero’s voice, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. I felt she was trying so hard to be hip without being preachy, that several things she said came across as grating and insincere. It was hard for me to get behind.


Courtesy of Amazon.com

That being said, I did mark several pages where she made points that were positive and memorable. Most of the advice in this book you have probably already heard or read before, so don’t expect anything new. Everything here is just wrapped differently and addressed to a different version of you.

Sincero talks heavily on positivity and raising your frequency so you can be ready and open to receiving positive things from the universe in return. I do not disagree with her, which is why it’s frustrating to write off this book as mediocre. Is that just me being negative? Should I like it just because that’s being positive and will raise my frequency?

Positivity is no doubt important to living an awesome life, and I’ve been dealing with a lot of self-inflicted negativity the last several months. So I endeavored to be more mindful of where and how my thoughts were directed. I wouldn’t say it’s because of this book that I have felt happier and more inspired in the last week than before (as I said, nothing she has written here is new), but it did get me thinking about a great many things I had been ignoring and shoving off to the side.

If you want to read this book, I suggest having a particular aspect of your life that you’re trying to focus on. This will give you more of an anchor and reference for all the lessons Sincero goes through. In that respect, it was encouraging, and I think that is something you can definitely look forward to while reading.