Drawing through December


Some Fen’Harel fanart

One of my goals this month was to get back to the positive drawing habits I developed over the course of Inktober. Since November was almost solely dedicated to writing, I wanted to catch up on where I’d initially left off.

I scrounged around the internet for art prompts that could fill up December, and proceeded to go a bit overboard. Now I have drawing prompts for the entirety of 2017. Sometimes I look at that list and wonder how in the holy hell I’m going to be able to pull off some of the things I’ve written down. One step at a time, I suppose.

While this month has centered around a generic “winter” theme, I wanted to pay special attention to developing concept art for one of my original characters (OCs). I am a self-professed nerd, so let’s just get that out of the way now. Bioware graciously developed an in-depth world via their Dragon Age series, and I have been hooked ever since Origins was released in 2009. I’ve logged well over 1500 hours of game time, and that doesn’t include how long it has taken me to read through the graphic novels and books. Like I said, nerd.


Faelan’s first tarot card – The Sun

Anyway, I wanted to focus on my concept art for Faelan Lavellan, one of my OCs from DA: Inquisition. (I just really love elves.) Over the course of the last two and a half weeks, I have surprised myself with how quickly I am able to put her to paper. Granted, not every sketch is good. Before you make something great, you have to make something good, and before that, something okay, and before that, something bad. So I’m getting better at recognizing those bad days and those okay days, and sometimes I even draw something good.

I’ve also been putting forth more effort to work on gestures, since my anatomy study has been put on a slight hiatus. (Library due dates etc.) I took an online “Foundations of Figure Drawing” class a few weeks ago, and that has helped a great deal. I’ve been watching digital artists live-stream their work. I am always blown away by how quickly and smoothly they’re able to create a piece of art it would take me hours to do. The advice is always unanimous: practice, practice, practice.

So that is what I’ll be doing while I remember why I started in the first place.