Going Dark for December – A Social Media Hiatus

Withdrawal symptoms set in not even 24 hours later. The urge to pull up Instagram on my phone during commercials. The habitual Facebook visitation between completing online tasks and deadlines. My transition periods are gone. I must resort to email, oh the slow, slow waiting game of email, to communicate with friends out of country or overseas. I no longer live in a world of meaningless instant gratification.

It doesn’t entirely suck.

I’m still floundering when it comes to figuring out where to put that additional time into my schedule, but the whole purpose of “Dark December” is to focus on what matters – the writing. It wasn’t enough to complete NaNoWriMo. It won’t be enough until the book is finished and out there in the world.

Every day is a balancing act. Should I spend more time rewriting cover letters and applying to jobs because that will provide potential income and resumé growth? Should I spend more time on my novel because the more time I put in now, the sooner I can send it out? I must have been given so much excessive time this year for a reason, right? The one thing that keeps calling me back is the writing, whether it means editing my own work or someone else’s. I never question if I’m capable of doing those things, if that work is good enough. I know it is.

However, I would be lying if I said I never wondered why I haven’t been able to break into the international education sector for the last seven months. I often find myself saying, “There’s got to be a reason 100+ applications later nothing has come from my efforts.” 30 applications every month, a minimum of 25 of those specifically for international education positions. I’ve rewritten my cover letter at least three times following the prescribed and suggested formula. But you know what? Screw the suggested formula. I have always done my best and most convincing writing when I followed my gut. So I’m writing another one and throwing all of that expectation of what a cover letter should be, out the window. I’m going to start by openly addressing the elephant in the room, or rather on the paper, and just cut all the crap. This is me. This is what I have to offer. I may be a risk, but I’m all in. If nothing else, at least it’ll catch someone’s attention.

I realize it is only the first week of my social media hiatus, so I can’t say with any certainty how the month will ultimately turn out. I could tell you all about my hopes though, and how I’m endeavoring to turn those into action with the extra time in my days. So stay tuned.