NaNoWriMo 2K16 Update: Week 2

Last week was rough, in more than just the writing sense. I was only really able to break through the funk on Saturday and put in some quality hours of writing at a local library write-in. Thankfully, my small network of fellow writers on tumblr have been keeping my spirits up, and we’ve been asking each other questions about our projects. It’s been a big help.

I reached the midpoint last night, which is exciting for a couple of reasons.

  2. I’m still adding new content, which means the word count from last year is only going to increase come the end of November. Meaning I’ll be that much closer to finishing up my novel for real.

Having the outline I drafted up during my masterclass has helped immensely this year, and I’m more comfortable with letting things be TBD. I’ve worked through the first three chapters and am about to start a new draft of the 4th, rewriting the background for one of my main characters. Will I finish with all 16 chapters by the end of the month? I don’t know, but I’ll definitely be closer than I have ever been before, and that’s what counts.

Take a breath, fellow writers, and type on!