NaNoWriMo 2016 – GO!


It’s finally the Thursday of the year, November, and that means writers everywhere are going to fall into a virtual state of coffee-blooded hermititude while they race against the clock to complete 50,000 words of a novel.

Last year was the first time I had accomplished this insane task, but my novel wasn’t finished. It was definitely far far far from finished. I owe this, in part, to my skills as a procrastinator. There’s nothing like the rush you feel when you’re staring at a screen bleary-eyed with numb fingers after punching out 20,000 words in one day. There’s also nothing like the sleep that comes after it.

I won’t be starting a new novel this November. Instead, I’ve decided to rebel against the status quo (huzzah!) and revise/complete/edit the novel I focused on last year. The one I’m intending to send out by the end of 2017. My first. The one I’ve been working on for the last decade.

Sixteen chapters have already been outlined. A working title has been in use since last year. A visual plot line has been established on more than one occasion. And the story keeps surprising me in the best ways.

If you decide to participate in National Novel Writing Month, sign up for free here. If you are an educator and want to encourage your students to write creatively, check out the Young Writers Program. If you want to show your support for all those zombie-fied authors, why not send them a NaNoWriMo postcard of encouragement or something similar?

To all the writers out there, good luck!

Posts may be short/sporadic/non-existant over the course of this month. Please be patient.