Color Me Crazy

Color Me Rad 5K Finish Line

Color Me Rad 5K Finish Line

Oh September, you’ve been sweet. I said goodbye to another couple of friends at the beginning of the month, made a visit to the doctor for my first cold of the new season, ran a fun 5k, the little ones began wearing long sleeves, purchased tickets to Thailand, went to Costco, and celebrated Chuseok.

Livin' one colorful life!

Livin’ one colorful life!

Color Me Rad is an international 5K “race” where you try to get as colorfully dirty as possible. The colored powder is cornstarch and clings best to sweaty or wet clothes and faces. The morning was cool and we were all excited to get started. Even with the occasional batch of powder thrown in my ears or mouth, I had a blast! The subway ride back to Bundang was hilarious considering I was absolutely covered and people were trying not to touch me. Colorful pariah time! I’m still cleaning out pink from my ears! If you ever get the chance, register for a race near you and get as dirty as possible. Hands down, one of the best things I’ve done since being back in Korea.

Things at work are getting ironed out. I finally was able to get my hands on a notebook where I’ll be keeping track of my curriculum and all the things I need to copy or grade. It’s going to be a serious time-saver considering I have to make all the supplemental materials for my classes. We celebrated Chuseok last week (Korean Thanksgiving) with the little ones. They gathered leaves for leaf rubbings, made a variety of songpyeon (rice cakes), and played some traditional games. Oh yes, and they all wore their beautiful hanbok to school.

Picking leaves on Hanbok Day.

Picking leaves on Hanbok Day.

It was great having a two-day work week so I could recuperate from another mild case of sniffles and a sore throat.  While I had planned on visiting Everland and returning to Bukhansan, I figured resting up would be the best course. (When did I start making those responsible kinds of choices?) I spent my days off hardcore cleaning my apartment and marathoning season 5 of Castle. Friday was all about cooking Thanksgiving dinner. I bought a crockpot at Costco (and deli meat, avocados, and other goodies), so I’ve been itching to try it out. I hosted a small family gathering of friends and coworkers and we feasted on herb and lemon roasted chicken, pepper rubbed chicken and gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potato fries, steamed broccoli, parmesan biscuits,  chips and salsa, raspberry magkeoli smoothies, lemon-raspberry cheesecake tarts, and pumpkin roll. We finished off with a classy game of catch phrase at RePub.

Fall leaves at Yangjae Citizen's Forest.

Fall leaves at Yangjae Citizen’s Forest.

In the mean time, our winter holidays have been confirmed! I made reservations to fly to Thailand the end of December and stay on some beautiful beaches to soak up the tropical sun. While I had been considering returning to the Philippines for Christmas (Boracay or the Palawan Islands), flying to Thailand turned out to be the cheapest option. The original plan was to go with a couple other coworkers, but when bungalows started getting booked, I made the decision to make plans for some solo travel. I haven’t done that since Beijing last May, so I guess it’s time for those travel butterflies to set flight again.

What’s set to happen in October? A trip to Busan for a friend’s birthday and the international film festival, a weekend at Seoraksan, Halloween, and a billion beautiful fall colors!