San Diego Weekend


Last weekend, my parents and I hopped on a plane to San Diego for a wedding. Aside from waking up at a hideous hour, Saturday went pretty well. Since the wedding started at 6:00 in the evening, we had plenty of time to explore San Diego and opted to check out Balboa Park. The park consists of 1,200 acres in the middle of the city. We heard great things about the zoo, but at $44 a ticket, we opted to wander around a few museums instead. There is a public tram which makes various stops around the park and is completely free. The drivers are upbeat and informative about the area. The architecture was beautifully ornate and the amount of gardens, trees, and fountains was refreshing. If you have a dog, this is the place to go. There are plenty of museums and exhibitions to choose from for all price ranges. While my parents stopped over at the model train museum, I meandered through the rose garden and then went for the small natural history museum. There’s also an art museum, torture exhibit, puppet shows, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, international park, dog parks, and countless other amusements.

IMG_0752 The wedding was about an hour away from the city. I have never attended a military themed wedding, so it was a new experience seeing marines in their dress blues and the traditional raising of the sabers. We’re long time family friends of the bride, April, and her family. I remember when I had the chickenpox as a kid, I stayed with their family. We were stationed in Germany together and I remember eating ice cream in Salzburg with April on some weekend adventure. April also introduced me to the N64 and Cruisin’ USA. I was a terrible video game driver at the time. The ceremony was nice and small, and it was good to have the visit and an excuse to dress up.

The following day we made a trip to La Jolla (La Hoy-a) for brunch and a look at the seals. Having a visit to the ocean was nice, though there wasn’t any playing in the sand or waves. For having lived near one of the largest cities in the world, I find it strange that I can’t get over how many people are tourists here. Just massive amounts of people from all places imaginable. In Korea, all those people are generally Koreans, and you tend to stop noticing just how many there are around you. I found myself far more interested in people watching than looking around at the sights, but you can do that anywhere.

IMG_0772 More adventuring took us to Coronado Island. Just cross the largest bridge you see in San Diego and it’ll take you right to the island. Mom wanted to see Hotel Del Coronado, which she swears was the inspiration for the Grand Floridian in Disney World. The hotel is celebrating 125 years this year, and is definitely as beautiful and upscale as it looks. Feel free to walk around and explore the place; I’m pretty sure many of the people we saw were there for the food and photographs. We found a place to sit near the beach and people watched for a while before heading to the Gaslamp District. It was primarily a drive through the area while waiting to head back to the airport for our evening flight. We eventually stopped by the Seaport Village, your one-stop-shop for all those yachts you wish you could afford. Actually, the area was quite quaint, and I wouldn’t have minded a little more time there, even if it was just to watch the man balance sea rocks.

There’s a ton of things to do in San Diego, and it would be worth investing more than a weekend to see and do it all. Go if you ever get the chance.