Crazy Things: Vlog Every Day in August

You may have noticed that little banner on the side menu of my blog with the text “We blog, we vlog” on it. That will link you to the site for bloggers who became vloggers. VEDA is basically a collection of bloggers all over the world who have decided to video blog (vlog) about a predetermined set of topics. (VEDA is the acronym we use for “Vlog Every Day in August”.)

I did this on my own last year to get comfortable with the idea of vlogging. The videos were primarily shared between a close set of friends and this blog, not the actual VEDA community. So this year I decided I would officially sign up for VEDA, which meant meeting a plethora of new faces and making some new friends. There are so many creative people out there, and the inventive videos they came up with were great.

Putting myself out there, in a relatively new medium, was a bit difficult. Mostly because I tend to ramble, and some of the topics were pretty similar. I found myself saying several of the same things over and over in different videos. I’m pretty sure I came across as a definite nerd (and how could I not with the fanfic reading I did?), which I’m not sure if I’m ecstatic about or mildly embarrassed.

Anyway, I’m glad I stuck with it for the whole month. It definitely ate up my free time and my hard drive space, but I did feel accomplished when it was all said and done. And yes, I’m looking forward to doing it next year, wherever in the world I’ll be.