When Realities Meet

It honestly seems like forever ago since my last update. We had the 15th off for Korea’s Independence Day. The rain has started to make a return on the final legs of the monsoon season. The days have been growing shorter. I’m almost in the fourth week of VEDA. And I’m realizing how fast time has gone since my arrival almost 8 months ago.

Meagan and Ash are leaving in 10 weeks. I don’t know what we’re going to do without them. We have knitted a tight family together between the four of us (Jess, Meagan, Ash, and myself). To come to the realization that we won’t be seeing them every single day after living that way for so long is like a blow to the stomach. It’s nauseating.

Guy’s entry into my Korean life made it exceptionally clear how much I’ve had to put off missing my “real” life, and how much I want to be part of it again. It’s this strong melancholic feeling of missing everyone and the small things that made up inconsequential days in that other life. You end up putting that to the back of your mind here, where you’re more concerned about those lesson plans, teaching a child to read, and figuring out what to have for dinner after you get home. The thought only settles down when the quiet drifts in before you go to bed.

And then I’m reminded I have six more months to go until I can return home. While that fact bums me out at times, my resolve to stay to see my kids graduate is still strong. Some of them I could keep forever, and leaving students is always one of the hardest parts about being a teacher. I want to have every second I can with them before that real life takes me back home.