The Crazy in June: Bungee Jumping!

I think my list of crazy has been tapped out of insanity given the Great Wall in May and the events that took place this month. I successfully completed a month without any chocolate, which I am proud of, but am not looking to continue any time soon. I knew going into June that I wanted to go bungee jumping. I made sure it was the weekend I returned from China so I would still be running off the high that was conquering the Great Wall.

Bungee Time

This wasn’t something I advertised to my family and friends back home. I knew they wouldn’t feel too comfortable about it, so might as well leave it as a SURPRISE! For 25,000 Won, I was off to Youldong Park to jump off a building. All was well and good with Ines by my side, until I had to stand on that platform above a lake.

According to Ines, I looked like a “scared little mouse.” That would be somewhat accurate.

Honestly, I don’t remember too much about it. The harness was uncomfortable and I was afraid of losing my rings. Zipper pockets come in handy for any of you lucky to have them. The ride up the elevator with a handful of Koreans was spent focusing on my breathing and trying not to look out the door I was pressed up against. We had a practice jump where we had to jump from a bench to a pile of mattresses. The guy said, “1, 2, 3, BUNGEE” and I stutter stepped, did a small leap with my arms spread wide, and landed with the top half of me on the mattress while the rest dangled to the floor. Oh man, I had to ace this next jump since it was the real deal.

A few people were in front of me, most notably all but one or two of the girls backed out to the end of the line. Women in Korea wear heels everywhere. I know this, but I still couldn’t believe the platform shoes I saw one girl wearing. There was even a picture of a woman jumping off the platform in stilettos! And you think I’m crazy! I was signaled to jump on the left side, which is an open view of the lake and the mountains. The guy in charge had me hold on to a railing for what seemed like forever while he hooked my harness up to the cord. Now was the time to call on some breathing techniques, some calm and peaceful thoughts. Focus on the horizon; don’t look down. Focus on the horizon; don’t look down. Focus on the horizon; don’t look down. Oh sweet, the fountain just started, I can focus on that now! Be like the water. Be like the water. Be like the water.

“1, 2, 3, BUNGEE!”


Those few seconds just feel like they’ve been erased from my memory. I doubt I’ll ever be able to make myself jump off a building or ledge again. It was great and terrifying all at the same time. Apparently I enjoyed it because I wasn’t screaming my head off and ended up clapping at the end. My legs were shaking and I was so incredibly thankful for Mr. Boatman by the end of the jump. They gave me a mini certificate, which I’m pretty sure enables you to remember that you at least did it at some point, because all that adrenaline nearly wiped my memory.

I did it. I survived. I leapt in the face of my fears. I will not be doing it again any time soon.