Cherry Blossoms and the Song Concert

The blossoming of the cherry trees has been hard for me to pin down. The trees surrounding the park have taken forever to bloom, but there are cherry blossom festivals popping up all over the country, most of which I was too late to experience. I decided to hop on the subway and venture to the Yeouido area in Seoul to see some cherry blossoms. The image of the flowers cascading down to the ground and enveloping a pathway has always been very romantic to me, in the romance sense, as well as the fantastical. After maneuvering on unfamiliar subway lines for about an hour after school, I arrived and just followed the mass of people heading in one direction. Surely they would take me somewhere interesting.

To be honest, I was underwhelmed. Many of the trees had lost their blossoms, while others had not bloomed yet. There were probably five great cherry blossom trees in the whole park. It was nearing sundown so I didn’t have the best lighting, but here are a few of my favorite pictures…



As for the IP song concert, it went very well. My first time MC’ing wasn’t terrible and everyone had a lot of fun. Enjoy.