Quick Weeks

In nine days I will be starting my 5th month in Korea. Hard to believe, isn’t it? The way our weeks are scheduled, time literally just hits us on the way out the door, so we’re left spinning.

Spring is finally here. All the magnolia trees are blooming on the way to work. The azaleas are next.

I’m behind on my VEDAp vlogs, but pairing two days in one video seems to be working alright with me. I haven’t been taking a picture every single day, because in all honesty, my life isn’t that exciting with going to work, coming home, sleeping, and doing it all over again. I’m not going to be making a video of our field trip, because it wasn’t all that interesting aside from the kids getting a chance to hold the water hose. I’m bonding with the majority of my little bears, which I am ecstatic about. I’ve cut back on my reading since I have plenty of time and am again past the halfway mark of my goal. (I had to increase the number of books I was going to read from 12 to 20 once I read six before mid-March.) I was not impressed with my writing from last month, and I have decided to work on a different story as opposed to hitting my head against the wall with another.

My first parent-teacher meeting was Tuesday. I wasn’t nearly as intimidated as I thought I was going to be. All in all, it was rather awkward because my boss worked as the translator. After I had given my general comments and suggestions regarding all the students, and none of the moms had any questions, she spent a good five minutes or so (it felt like eternity) just talking with them in Korean. I just sat there awkwardly, not knowing what to do other than smile every once and a while and pretend I was taking important notes on my paper. After that, my boss said if I didn’t have anything else to add, I could leave. I found this rather strange, but figured it would give the parents a chance to talk with Stephanie about my teaching methods and so forth. Apparently it went well enough because my boss hasn’t mentioned it to me, and she’s usually very good at providing me with feedback from parents.

I, and a couple of the other teachers, have been enlisted to help out the newest foreign teacher with his classroom management skills and activity ideas. During his breaks he will be observing our classes for the rest of the month. He’ll observe two of my classes during the week, and he made an appearance in one of my SR classes yesterday. I feel far more comfortable with people observing my classes now than I ever did when I was in my MAT program. Maybe it’s because I know moms can come whenever they want and watch us on the tv sets without us evening knowing about it. This particular class he observed had three of my former students in it, so they know the routine and help the others catch on quickly. It was a normal day, and they didn’t let his presence hinder them from doing their work. My boss said he had learned a number of things from observing, though I honestly couldn’t tell you what they were.

Next week, I will be hosting the song contest. By hosting, I mean to say I will be announcing the contestants with blue hair and a ridiculous smile. Oh wait, that’s The Hunger Games. (Which was AMAZING by the way.) I’m glad they started me off with that instead of a birthday party. All the IP teachers have to host a birthday party at some point, and that’s a bit intimidating for me. A song contest, I can make that work and make it fun no problem. (Still, maybe you should cross your fingers.)

Without further ado, pictures of the field trip and what’s been happening lately.

Some little bears get to hold the fire hose.