Do Something Crazy

My friend, Treavor, has this idea about doing one crazy thing every month. There’s also the concept of the “Chicken List”, which is home to all the things you’d normally be too chicken to do anything about.

Starting this month, I’m going to follow suit and do one crazy thing every month. Obviously, they will vary in craziness levels, so not everything will have high adrenaline rushes.

I’ve already made a list of about eight things I want to accomplish. There’s a number on this list that I was already planning to do, but are indeed either oddball or intense depending on your point of view. Then there are the two that will really show me what I can do. Two things that will definitely put me outside of my comfort zone. But things like that always make the best stories later. I’m keeping those two as surprises, because they will literally be a “what in the world was she thinking” kind of moment. (Disclaimer: No need to worry Mom.)

Here’s a portion of my list:

  • Get lost on the subway
  • Hike a decrepit portion of The Great Wall
  • Participate in the Mud Festival
  • Fly to the Philippines and connect with the lovely Noey.