The Little Moments

I just wanted to extend a friendly hello and welcome to my coworkers’ parents, family, and friends. The girls have told me on several occasions that you (almost always their moms) check this blog out “all the time” to keep up to date with everything. I can’t say my adventures are nearly as often, exciting, or as long as theirs are, but I’m glad I can offer a window into our corner of the world on a somewhat regular basis.

IP Alligator’s Friendship Chain

I wish I had a jar for all the little student remarks that make my day, something like Dumbledore’s pensieve. We made friendship chains in my IP classes last week, with little positive messages about each student written on colorful strips of paper. I loved getting the ones that had “I love Jacki-teacher” or “Jacki-teacher is kind” on them and connecting them with the rest. Another day, a little boy stopped me in my tracks, looked me straight in the eye and said, “Teacher, I love you.” This same child was very intent on giving Meagan and I kisses on the cheek later that week. We’ve had to tell him since that it is not appropriate, which he seems to be handling pretty well. Another student in that same class decided to tell me that I was pretty today. This caught me as rather amusing since I definitely wasn’t feeling very pretty today with my unwashed hair pulled back in a ponytail and a headband to keep the wisps out of my face. It doesn’t really matter if he was trying to butter me up or not, I grinned all the same and told him thanks. Then there are the somewhat older kids who nearly bowl me over in greeting. It’s not a normal work week if I’m not dragged into SR Alligator by my previous students or mock-tackled by a kid in one of my other classes.