“I Should’a Learned Korean” 2/3

Hello, March! I am so incredibly happy to see this month. March always means spring, and apparently spring here is beautiful. Since I failed pretty epically at reading and writing last month, this month is going to be the time to do all of that. March is my month, in more ways than one. The first weekend of March I read and finished 2 books. I ended up changing my reading challenge to 20 books for the year instead of 12. I’ve written something upwards of 3,000 words in both fiction and essay format. I wanted to see if I could write 1,000 words a day, but I’m usually wrecked on Mondays from work and then Wednesday is WoW night (WINE folks, not gaming). So I thought of “2,000 Word Tuesday/Thursday”. Sounds like a good deal, and really, all I have to do is get started.

Getting back into the swing of things. Hello scrawled words of mischief.

Suji SLP has started their new 2012 session, and this week we’re all running around like crazy people. Our classes have been switched, and we’ve had to trade course books with the other teachers. There are new students, students who are considering dropping, or students who already have. Our desks have been switched and we’ve adjusted accordingly. Lesson plans have been written for us, but it’s likely they will all be adjusted to fit the new teacher’s workload. I finished all of my students’ report cards for February and now just have to check on lesson plans. I love not having activity and using that time to get coursework ready, grade, and make lesson plans.

Tomorrow night, I am cooking dinner for and hosting Wine-o-Wednesday. I’m pretty excited. My fridge is full for once and I have recently bought comfort food in the form of ketchup and tortillas. Only having a stove forces me to be pretty inventive when it comes to how I’m going to cook my food, like chicken nuggets. Put a little oil in the frying pan and let ’em go. Turn them over. Take them out, enjoy. After that, I can say I’ll never take an oven for granted.

On to the main event! If you want to catch up on the topic, check out Part 1.

    • I went to the post office yesterday hoping to mail out letters. It was on my lunch break, so really no big deal. I walk in, it’s not too crowded. I know that I have to take a number and wait my turn, but the trick is, I have no idea where to find the numbers! I meandered about, weaving between a couple of lines trying not to be rude, and I just couldn’t figure out where it was. I thought about going over to the counter where all the mailing forms were, but then remembered they would all be in Korean, so they wouldn’t exactly be helpful. I left. Jess said on Saturday there’s only one counter open, which is apparently the one you need to send international mail. I’ll look into going this weekend.
    • I saw a woman today on the road, clapping and calling out someone or something’s name. (I’m assuming here, considering people don’t usually go out in cold weather without a jacket, clap and shout random things without an audience.) Whatever it was she was trying to find eluded her. I walked by the park close to my apartment and noticed a dog. A rat of a dog, but one nonetheless, sweater, dyed tail and everything. Aha! This must be what she was looking for! The dog apparently didn’t like strangers so I doubled back to find the woman. After looking like a confused tourist with a grocery bag, I finally ran into her, got her attention, and proceeded to bend down to demonstrate how small her dog was. I muttered “dog” and she nodded. I pointed, and lo, le pooch. She was pretty happy. I was just glad I didn’t have to resort to yipping like a dog just so she could understand what I was trying to say.
    •  I’m really starting to wish I could communicate with my students’ parents. Either to tell them how much I simply adore their kids, or how the kids are doing in my class. Little things to put their apprehensions to rest.

My 10 stamps!

  • Ediya Coffe is the coffee shop I go to for my Cinnamon Chocolate – Hot, with whipped cream. Everyone who knows me, knows I’m not a coffee drinker. This is the first time I’ve ever frequented a place enough that the server knows my order and says it before I even open my mouth. I think that’s pretty cool. Granted, since I’m a foreigner, it’s probably easier to remember my particular face goes with a particular order. I even have my 10 stamps for a free drink! That’s something I’m oddly excited about, because I’ve never been one to go to a place often enough to get 10 stamps! I just want to tell this lady she’s the bomb.

The countdown to the quarter-of-a-century mark begins at 9 days. Look forward to more. Until then, it’s back to the grind headed into the weekend. See you around.