SLP IP Graduation 2012

The last two months I have had a wonderful class of students who I’ve come to simply adore. On Monday, my little Dolphins graduated from Intensive Preschool at Suji SLP. I was so ridiculously proud of them.

Graduation was at a local church where the students’ parents would be arriving to watch the ceremony. The kids were slightly more dressed up than their usual school wear, and we were dressed up as well. (I was finally able to use my dress pants! Holy cow!) Dolphin and Cat’s performance was first, and I’m sure they were nervous, but they did a fine job. Whatever mistakes they made were something to smile at because it ultimately didn’t matter how their performance went. This was their day, and nothing was going to ruin it.

One of the students from Bear class gave a nice speech, we had intermission when the parents could mingle with the kids and take tons of pictures. I somewhat met the parents of my kids and was given a bouquet of lollipops and soap roses. Everyone sat down again and Stephanie passed out the graduation certificates before all the kids sang “Graduation Tears”.

Little Graduates

And just in case that isn’t enough for you to enjoy, I’ve also included a video of the whole thing. Don’t worry, it’s been edited for length and maximum “adorbs” as Jess would say. Enjoy!