Ringing in the Leap Year

Every time a Korean member of staff leaves, we have a staff dinner at one of the local restaurants. It’s always the same place apparently. I went there for my first night in Korea, my first staff dinner in December, and last night. SLP pays for everything, food and drinks, and more food and drinks. It started at 7:30 and went on until sometime after 11:00. We said goodbye to Janet and Alice, who have both been my co-teachers. We said goodbye to Rebecca, even though she’s not leaving-leaving until sometime this weekend. We welcomed Eunice and Chad, the new Korean teacher and foreign teacher respectively. There was talk of students, classes, SLP in general, comic books, and travel. We all just talked about life and how things are changing. Being a teacher means becoming so involved with your students and getting to know them to the point that a little part of them stays with you. It’s one of the most rewarding jobs, but I think, one of the saddest too. Every year we send these kids off, to likely never see or hear from them again. That’s kind of heartbreaking, for me anyway. So, saying goodbye to Janet and Alice, a lot of us couldn’t really talk or think about it because it was upsetting. They mentioned they would visit, but after our time here, the possibility of seeing them again is practically nill.

Once dinner was done and our goodbyes were said, our group of foreign teachers, plus our manager, Jason, went to noraebong. Noraebong is the Korean version of karaoke. I still had the munchies and ended up stopping in a corner store where they had glorious friend chicken. Apparently I’ve been craving fried chicken for the last couple of days. It. Was. DELICIOUS. I didn’t even know what part of the chicken I tore into, but oh man, was it heavenly.

We go up to the noraebong place, take off our shoes and slip on some sandals before heading to our designated singing room. It was decked out in some Christmas crazy. In my two months in Korea, I have never been to noraebong. I love singing along with some of my favorite tunes, so this was a very exciting prospect for me. We stayed from somewhere near 11:30 to after 1:00 in the morning. Now, I’m very hesitant about singing in public. I will only belt my heart out if I’m alone or if there is someone else singing with me. Thankfully, we had a large group and I crooned to my heart’s content. What were the songs we scored a 100 on?
“I Wanna Dance with Somebody”
“Piano Man”
“Dancing Queen”
“Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)”

See some of the fun for yourself!