Pho Sho

A successful visit to the doctor!

Because mothers are usually right and tend to worry, I went to the doctor this afternoon. Jess was my moral support once again, (she has earned the HERO title for putting up with me this week) and we set off to the “hospital” next door to SLP. We thought it would be a good idea to let SLP know, so in a round of phone calls we managed to get Jason on the line and he had the desk teacher write a note to the doctor. We popped over to the next building and set about waiting to be called. A note about this “hospital”, it is what Americans would consider a “clinic”, and shares building space with several other businesses, as everything does here. This was the same place I had my general examination and physical last week. I didn’t have to wait more than 25 minutes before I was on the first floor filling my prescription. I probably paid somewhere around $26 for the doctor’s fee and the filled prescription. That’s pretty awesome.

Cough syrup and pre-packaged meds. Let’s try this one more time.

I was worried about going for a couple of reasons. First, language barrier, hello. That’s a nice smack in the face. Sure, it’s not a big deal when you’re shopping around or just out and about, but when you need something for health reasons, OHMYGOD. Not having a printer, I looked up an online translator and typed in my symptoms, copy and pasted a transcript to pages and then took a picture of it. My plan was to show the receptionist the photo hoping she could make heads or tails of it. Thankfully, it was Jess’s idea to go to SLP first. That saved us a big headache and we were able to deal with things smoothly at the clinic. Strangely enough, when I did run into someone who spoke some English, he had me doing a run around of things I’d already done, which I thought was strange.

Second, I’m not filed under SLP medical insurance until the beginning of February. I was terrified I’d have to fork over an arm and a leg just to get looked at. I just had to present my passport and then not much else. Whew! I know Stephanie told me if I had to go to the doctor I should just go and not worry about it. I can’t help but think I lucked out with coming to Suji. I mean, yeah, this week hasn’t been my favorite experience, but nothing bad has happened yet, and I think I’m in a really good place with good people. Pretty lucky.

Jess and I went out for lunch to Saigon Kitchen after my doctor’s visit. We both had the “small” order of Chicken Pho. I don’t know why they called it small, because it was a huge bowl. I’m rather terrified to think of what the large looks like. We finished maybe a third of the meal, but it was absolutely delicious, and just what I needed after being sick and mostly stuck indoors. I would also like to add that my skill with chopsticks has drastically improved since my arrival. I know several friends who would be very proud of that accomplishment.

Chicken Pho

My mad chopstick skills!