It’s About the Food…

Not many of the teachers here eat breakfast before they go to work. I’m pretty big on the first meal of the day if I know I’m going to be busy for most of it. Wanting to appease my upset and hungry stomach with something a bit tamer than kimchi and rice (what many of the kids eat for breakfast), Meagan and I stopped at Dunkin Donuts to grab a bagel. Now, I know I’m usually all about staying away from American fast food and chain restaurants when in a foreign country, but in Korea, I have to ease in to the food.

I observed classes at SLP and had a good time of it. All the classes are named after animals and from what I’ve seen so far, have no more than seven or eight kids at a time. Once Tyler leaves this weekend, I will be taking over his IP Dolphin class in the mornings, teaching “Science” activities every day, teaching two Alligator classes, two more Dolphins, and Cat and Hippo. The students are all super cute and call me “Jacki Teacher.” I’ll be saving a post or two about SLP for later.

We went to a nearby place for lunch and I had the beef dumplings. Apparently, dumplings here are considered “junk food”, which I find somewhat amusing. I’m not much into the side dishes that come with every meal, but since I still couldn’t manage to finish all of my food, I wouldn’t say it’s a big deal. Almost everyone has said that for the first couple of months they were here, they were always full and didn’t eat much.

After school let out around 6:30pm, I went on my first subway trip with Jess and Meagan. We had to come back to the apartment first to better bundle up against the cold, but we made it to the station despite the cold freezing our legs. The subway seats are heated, which is lusciously amazing. Yes, lusciously. We stopped off at Seohyeon and made our way through to a bookstore before heading up to Traveler’s Bar and Grill for dinner. It’s this great place run by an ex-pat and his family that serves delicious burgers, has breakfast all day, plays good music and is a hangout for other travelers. I have to say, I was glad to have a burger and fries.

These lovely ladies showed me some of the expat life.


Our wonderfully delicious burgers.