I apologize for the lack of communication since my departure, but all is well. My flight from San Francisco was comfortable with plenty of leg room, exceptional service and in-flight slippers thanks to Asiana Airlines. I arrived at Incheon airport and was met by Jason, the Suji SLP manager, around 6:30 pm Korea time (3:00 am CST)

I’m currently staying with Megan, one of the foreign teachers I’ll be working with, in the building where I’ll eventually be living. She and the rest of the foreign teachers welcomed me upon my arrival with sangria and a late dinner out to one of the local restaurants. I tried my first bit of kimchi, but I can’t claim to like or dislike it. The texture was similar to that of a raw onion with the spice reminding me of hot salsa. I tried the Korean beer Cass, which was what everyone said it would be, similar to an American light. I was also treated to my first bit of soju, or rice liquor, which I can say hits you from nowhere and doesn’t particularly like my taste buds. Apparently this made me magically capable of using chopsticks to eat whatever chicken dish was being shared amongst us. I think it was how they were shaped that made me able to use chopsticks well for the first time in my life. Or at least, that’s what I’ll be telling myself. And how did I fare overall with this new adventure into unknown lands and food? My stomach hated me this morning so I took some pepto (pepto is my life saver, no joke). The jet lag hasn’t set in yet, and I’m assuming it will be a bit better considering I didn’t get to bed until sometime after midnight Korea time and woke up at a relatively decent hour.

Some Korean won. Take three zeroes off the end and you’ll get a rough estimate of the dollar value.

Details are scarce as to when I’ll be going to the doctor, getting a bank account, or getting a phone, but I should be moving into my own place this weekend. As for Christmas plans, as I don’t have the internet, I’m not sure about meeting up with anyone who’s already in Korea. Considering most of the other teachers are going elsewhere for the holidays, Jess, Mike, and I are likely going to spend it together. Jess has been here for about a month and Mike about six. We’re going to explore Seoul next week since everyone will be off for the holidays.