Just the Bed, the Books, and the Bookshelves

I woke up pretty early this morning, which for me, means before 10:00 am. What was on my to do list? Shove the mess of small things into the remaining bins and make sure everything was ready to go when it needed to. Alexa was the first to arrive and we managed to get my bed and the frame into the pod (No, it wasn’t from PODS, but it’s just easier to call it a pod.) with little trouble. Then came the tricky part, we weren’t going to have enough room for half the remaining furniture. I had considered this, but it also wasn’t a priority to keep my table and benches.

“As long as I have my bed, my books and my bookshelves, that’s all I need.” I kid you not, that’s all I was concerned about.

We did some fancy puzzle placement with boxes and bookshelves and bins. Melanie and Stephany arrived to help us take care of The Beast, two pieces of pinewood cabinetry. Very solid, very not a two-person job. It was great to have four minds thinking of possible ways to get all my things into a small space, and there were several high fives involved through the afternoon. Robin was great and took me out to lunch after we finished loading her car with some stuff.

While I wasn’t able to sell the things I would have preferred to, it was good to see them go to friends. They were like prizes for helping me out! Alexa went away with the smaller bench of the Ekbunk and some wrapping paper. Melanie and Stephany took the table and the other bench from the Ekbunk, two shelving units, some teacher goodies and another bench. They’ll be back tomorrow to take the rocking chair and end table. (It’s so great having teacher friends when I can’t use all these extra teaching  supplies!) Robin ended up with my stereo and taking a few things intended for Good Will.

I can honestly say I have never moved anywhere that quickly, excluding my first semester at Trinity when people descended on my gear in a swarm. Thanks ladies!